Tracking an individual user with a unique id from your database

If you have a CRM or customer / contact database you can send them a link to your quiz with a unique identifier on the URL. This can be a URL to your page with an embedded quiz, or it can be the quiz URL. 

URL parameter convention:

?bmbx_x_id={YOUR ID HERE}

NOTE: This will only work with our "Recommended" embed code that uses javascript.

Example of a tracking parameter on a quiz link:

To get a unique id on each link, some of our customers use a mail merge function in their CRM or mail client to send their contacts an email with a unique identifier on each quiz link.

  • The process would be:
  • Draft the email you wish to send.
  • Add link to the quiz/poll in the body of the email (this could be a text or image hyperlink)
  • Customize the link by adding the tag we provide and the mail merge field you wish to pass through to us.
  • Send the email

For example - a very simple version of the email could look like this.

Dear [First_Name],We are grateful for your contributions to the [Donation_Category].  We just created this fun quiz for all of our generous donors.  Click the link below to take the quiz.[Unique_ID]Thanks,AU Staff

Tracking a campaign id

If you do not wish to track individual users with unique ids, you can just add the tracking parameter for a campaign or traffic source by adding the URL parameter to the quiz link that you promote.

NOTE: Some sharing mechanisms like Facebook may strip off URL parameters. 

Exporting data

We well look for this parameter and save it with the quiz session. It will be exportable via our CSV export.  

Note: This feature is currently only available for quizzes, it will not work for polls or lists. To learn more about this feature send us a message!

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