If you're on a paid Qzzr subscription you can customize the font on your quiz. To customize fonts visit the configure page (the final step in the quiz creation process), you can enter the font name in the "Font Family" text field. If you're on a basic (free) subscription you will be prompted to upgrade to change your font.

 Support system fonts can be found here.

When setting up your font string (optional), it's recommended that you choose multiple fonts beginning with your preferred font. If the person taking your quiz does not have the font installed, it will fall back to the next font you choose in the font string until it finds a compatible font. If no compatible fonts in the string are found, Qzzr will display the default system font for the person's device.

Font string example:

"Georgia, Times New Roman, serif"


 This feature requires one of our paid Qzzr subscription, to learn more about this feature send us a message.

If you're on an Enterprise plan, you can implement your own CSS @font-face

For more information, see: Implementing @Font-Face

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