Welcome to Qzzr! It's the world's simplest quiz tool for creating engaging content that drives results - this article shows you the basics. 

As you get started, you should also be aware of these benchmark stats based on activity from all Qzzr customers: 

  • Completion rate: 81%

  • Lead conversion rate (entering an email): 39%

  • Click-through to offer rate: 14%

  • Avg. time on quiz: 2.27 mins

  • Time to create: 1.5 hours

Coming Up with a Title

Your title is your headline, and its primary goal is to get you traffic. The title will show up in a Facebook share (“I got ___ on “Which __are you?”. The title text character limit is 75, so use them wisely.

Some effective title formats are:

  • a question “How well do you ACTUALLY know___?”

  • an open-ended statement “Your perfect bracelet is…”

  • a definitive objective “Find Your Wrist’s new best friend”

You're more likely to attract attention when your headline has an emotional impact:

  1. Using “You” and “Your” makes it personal. "Which Disney character are you?"

  2. Now is the time to throw it down - use words like "Hardest", "Ultimate", "Do you actually know?", etc.

What is an Outcome?

The outcome is what people see when they finish the quiz.

Examples: “I got Herbology” on “Which Hogwarts class should you take?”

More than 90% of the shares on a quiz will come from the outcome. Ultimately, this is the payoff – it’s the reason people take quizzes. They want to learn about themselves, so this is your chance to tell them.

What Makes a Great Question?

The questions are the meat of the quiz. Here's where you get to quiz your readers about various topics or ask them about their interests. All you have to do is ask.

Examples: "Where would you like to vacation?" or "How many elements are in the periodic table?"

Ask questions that are fair, interesting, and relevant to the topic.

How many answers should a question have?

You can certainly add as many answers as you see fit, but keeping the number of answers below 5 will improve your quiz completions.

How long should answers be?

Keep your answers to 3 words or less, unless of course, you have a very good reason.

Remember to select the correct answer on a graded quiz 

On a graded quiz, once you've set all of your answer options, be sure to identify which answer is correct. The green checkmark indicates the correct answer.

Using Images to Make your Content More Engaging 

Remember that viewers love image answers, and GIFs even more. If you are struggling to find good images, try our media search or use this resource to find a specific topic for images. 


Once you've published your quiz you can now embed it on your site. This article provides a step-by-step guide for using the appropriate embed method.

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