At least, that's what Power Digital Marketing, a California marketing agency, told us after running numerous campaigns centered around quizzes. 

Take this one, for instance:

It's for an online soccer store, and the quiz helps athletes find out which cleats they should be wearing.

For the person taking the quiz, the reward was a rich, interactive experience that gave them a personalized outcome based on their inputs. 

For Power Digital, they gained tremendous insights into who those people were and what they were interested in.

Their subsequent marketing campaign to the people that converted on the lead form at the end of the quiz was a money making machine:

  • Amount Spent: $572.19

  • Revenue Generated: $10,943.56

  • Cost Per Acquisition: $9.54

That's right. For every dollar they spent, they got $19 in return. How's that for an ROI?

Quizzes are also great for cold, top-of-funnel traffic. Most people aren't looking to buy while on Facebook, especially from a brand they don't know anything about. But a good quiz that promises a compelling result? They'll click on that in droves. 

And you won't have to spend nearly as much to get these people on your site. Power Digital looked at ad performance for different destination types, and here's what they found with regard to Average Cost Per Click:

  • e-commerce landing page = $1.75

  • Lead based landing page = $1.50

  • Cold traffic to blog posts = $0.15-$1.25

  • Cold traffic to quizzes = $0.05-$0.30

And not only was it less expensive to promote quizzes – the conversion rates were significantly higher. They saw a 10% lead conversion rate on their quizzes compared to a .05% conversion rate on their blog posts.

You want your social ads to be effective, and quizzes can help you get more bang for your buck. You will get more qualified traffic without breaking the bank, and all of your follow-up communication will be much more relevant.

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