The steps to follow are:

  1. On your Google Analytics home page, select the account you want to integrate your Qzzr with and copy the property ID behind the name/URL of that account. It takes the form UA-XXXXX-Y or UA-XXXXX-YY.

  2. Login to Qzzr, choose the quiz you want to track, go to Configure tab then go to the Events section on the left navigation.

  3. You’ll see a Google Analytics tracking field where you encode to your quiz:

 4. Click Update on your quiz then take the quiz using the standalone link or where          it's embedded and answer some questions. 

 5. Open your Google Analytics account where you are tracking the quiz.

 6. Go to the Behavior panel, select Site Content, then click on All Pages.

Get your typeform’s URL and copy its ID. It’s the last string of characters in the URL, after the last “/”, and should be something similar to “xxXxXX”.

Search for the typeform ID in the search box for the All Pages report.

Warning! If you followed all the steps above, but still can’t see the data, check if there is filtering turned on in the Admin > View settings > Filters of your Google Analytics Account. Typeforms are loaded from a different domain than your main website, so you should make sure that it is not filtered out of the reports.

Note! That it will take Google Analytics a few hours to update the tracking data, so you may have to wait to see it working.

 Please also note that embedded typeforms with the same tracking code as their hosting webpage will be counted twice (one count for both the form and the website for each visit will appear in your Google Analytics metrics under two different URLs).

If you use Hidden Fields in your typeform, the ID is the string between the last “/” and the “?” character.

Warning! If you add your Google Analytics tracking code to a typeform, you are responsible for the data collected by Google Analytics. If you’re using hidden fields that include personally identifiable information, like name or email address, etc, you must ensure this information is added to the ‘Exclude URL Query Parameters’ field in Google Analytics’ view settings. Collecting this data breaks Google’s Terms of Service. Here’s how to do this:

Tracking conversions

On every submit of your typeforms we also send a Google Analytics event with the following parameters:

  • Category for your typeform’s UID

  • Action for “TypeformSubmit”

  • Label for the name of your typeform

You can find all the typeform submissions in Google Analytics in the Behavior > Events > Top events report.

To see how to use this event to set up Goals (for easier use in other reports, like conversion tracking), please refer to this Google Analytics help article.

Tracking drop-off

Each time your respondent answers a question, we trigger a Google Analytics event with the following parameters:

  • Category for your typeform’s UID

  • Action for “TypeformQuestionPassed”

  • Label for the question title

You can find all your typeform’s “Questions Passed” events in Google Analytics under Behavior > Events > Top Events report. If you want to figure out where respondents drop off, click on “Unique Events” to see which question has the fewest answers. Take note: statement fields are not tracked!



This is a great way to track points where respondents drop off. Then you can revise your questions to try to improve your typeform’s completion rate.

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