Qzzr works using today’s web standards and modern browsers. While our content tools may function on other browsers, we officially support these modern web browsers:

  • Chrome (latest version) across all mobile/desktop devices and Android Browser (50% of our traffic.)

  • Safari (latest version) on OS X and iOS (28% of our traffic.)

  • Firefox (latest version) on OS X and Windows (12% of our traffic.)

  • Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (latest version) on Windows and Windows Phone. (3% of our traffic.)

Because there are thousands of devices on the market, we can't test every single one. When new features are released, the mobile experience for Qzzr is tested on a variety of the most widely used devices running the browsers listed above. The supported browsers above make up for 93% of all traffic to Qzzr. We recommend always having the latest version of whichever browser and device software you choose. We look to use the latest technology available on the internet and having an outdated browser can make some parts of the content you create not work as intended. A modern browser means the best web experience. Browsers should have cookies and JavaScript enabled to use Qzzr.

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