Simply put: The share redirect URL will change the links on your Qzzr content to direct traffic to the location where your content is embedded rather then to

We built Qzzr so your content that you create will send more people to your site, not ours. How does that work? Well, we already let you embed your content right on your site but we wanted to take it one step further. Let’s say you make a quiz or list where tons of people are taking it and, here’s the key, sharing it.

Well, when the links show up on Facebook, Twitter or whichever social network and someone clicks on one of those links, we want them to end up on your blog, site, etc., instead of taking them to Qzzr’s site.

At this time, this feature is exclusive to quizzes and lists only.

In most cases this is handled automatically without you needing to do anything by Auto Redirect. All you need to do is embed the quiz or list on your blog or site using the recommended embed code and Qzzr will automatically redirect people back to the site where you embedded the quiz or list. This works especially good if you plan on embedding your quiz or list on multiple sites. Where ever it was shared from, that's where the link shared will send people to. Just make sure it's set in the share settings like so:

Share Redirect URL is an option that you have to set in Qzzr, putting in the page URL where your quiz or list will be embedded. There is no need to add a Share Redirect URL unless one of the reasons below applies to you:

  • Embedding a Qzzr quiz or list within an iframe (double iframe)

  • When the share is redirecting to an unintended page

If you choose to use this option, every time your quiz or list is shared, the link will always go to the one you set in the Share Redirect URL even if you choose to embed your quiz or list on multiple blogs or pages.

It can be set like this:

Turn on the option by inserting the URL of the page you intend on embedding the quiz or list in the 'Configure' tab on the 'Sharing' page under ‘Share Redirect URL’ and after publishing or updating your quiz or list, just like that, all future shares will redirect to that page.

This feature is available on all Qzzr plans, to learn more about this feature send us a message.

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