When creating an outcome quiz you can assign points to any outcome based on the quiz takers responses. The default value is 1. The range goes from -5 points to +5 points, and also negated (impossible outcome to get if you answer a specific way). 

Note: Negating an outcome should be used sparingly. Using it too much can open up the possibility that someone will negate all the outcomes and not get a final result.

Here is an example from a quiz called "Which GoT Character Do You Most Resemble?"

The first question is: "If you could be one animal, which would it be?" If the user were to choose the first answer: " Lion," you can see that the outcome "Jaime..." and, "Cersei..." would get +2 points; however, the final outcome is crossed out. This means that by selecting "Lion" as your answer option, the crossed-out outcome (in this case also "Brienne") will be completely negated, and the other two answers will get +2 points. 

If a quiz taker selects "Lion" as their answer option, it will be completely impossible to get "Brienne" as the outcome at the end of the quiz. Because why would you want to give someone an outcome recommending they watch a movie that they've already seen?

At the end of a quiz, a user will be assigned an outcome based on the outcome with the most cumulative points. Want to know more about how outcome points work? Watch this video.

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