There are three levels of Hubs available to use on Qzzr. Think of Hubs like the folder structure of your computer. On your computer you may have a folder called “My Documents” and inside of “My Documents” you’ll find folders such as “Photos,” “Music,” “Movies,” etc. With Qzzr Hubs, you can create folders (Hubs), and invite people to create content in any of those folders (Hubs).

Top-Level Hub

The top-level Hub is the Hub that has a subscription associated with it. For example, if you sign up for a Team plan, your top-level Hub and all child Hubs will gain the benefits of your paid subscription.

Parent Hub

A parent Hub is any Hub with child Hubs below it.

Child Hub

A child Hub is any Hub with a parent Hub.
 Examples? Just like the “My Documents” folder on your computer, you can create folders inside of that folder, and folders inside those folders. This means that you can create Hubs within Hubs within Hubs. Here is an example showing Hub structure at its most basic level.

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