With your Hub, you can invite anyone to sign up for Qzzr and collaborate on content creation with you. When inviting a person, switch to the Hub or child Hub that you want the person to have access to, from there you can manage or invite members by selecting the people menu at the bottom left.

From the people menu, you can invite people, remove people, or change their permissions. There are three roles that a person can have.
 Collaborators can

  • Collaborate on content

  • Add/remove collaborators

Admins can

  • Do everything collaborators can do

  • Add/remove admins & collaborators

  • Edit this Hub's details

  • Edit any child Hubs within this Hub

Owners can

  • Do everything admins can do

  • Add/remove owners, admins, & collaborators

  • Edit plan & billing info

When inviting a person to your Hub, be sure to select what their role will be (as seen in the screenshot below) the default setting is collaborator, you can change this at any time.

 If you’re inviting a person who does not have a Qzzr account they will receive an email to sign up. The invitation will give them access to the Hub and all the content and Hubs within that Hub. If the Hub you’ve invited the person to join is a child Hub, the person will not be able to access any Hubs above it. For more information about Hub levels check out this learning center article.

If the person you’re inviting already has a Qzzr account, they will receive an email invite to sign in with their existing credentials. There is no limit to the number of Hubs a person can be part of. If you are invited to be part of a Hub and the email address (from the invite) is not the one associated with your existing Qzzr account, reach out to an Admin and have them invite you with your existing credentials. The invite will say “sign in now” if the invite was sent to an email address already associated with Qzzr.

 After a person accepts the invitation, the admin who sent the invite will be notified.

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