With a Pro subscription or higher you will unlock the advanced configuration menu, here are a couple neat background customization features you'll gain access to:

Remove background overlay

By default, when you upload a background image for a quiz, The quiz editor will place an overlay over the image that makes it slightly darker. The reason for this is that the text on the quiz is white, and it’s much easier to read against a dark background.

In certain instances, though, it doesn’t make sense to have the overlay over the background image. A lot of customers like to have their logo in the background of the quiz and they weren’t too fond of how it looked when it was darkened.

By flipping a switch, you can change your quiz from this:

…to this:

A note of caution: if you decide to remove the overlay, be sure to go through your quiz from beginning to end to make sure all of the text is readable and that any other images, such as answer option tiles, don’t clash with the background.

Custom background color. If you aren’t planning on adding a background image, the background of the quiz will be a solid color. And up until recently, there were only 10 colors to choose from.

Now, you can choose whatever color you want.

So, for instance, your style guide might call for a very specific shade of blue with a hex code of #4b5be8. Now, you can just drop that in the 'Custom Color' and the background color will adjust accordingly. Just go to the “Configure” step of the quiz editor, and make sure you're in 'Appearance' then, paste in your hex code and the quiz will update:

If you don’t have a hex code, you can just click on the color picker and select the color that works best for you. And if you end up choosing a light color, such as white, you can invert the text to make it dark.

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