Outcome-specific offers are a feature only available to our Team plan users.
 With outcome-specific offers, you have the ability to advanced control over your offer forms. For example, if you created an outcome quiz about sunglasses you could have multiple offers that link to specific landing pages based on the quiz outcome. If the quiz taker were to receive the outcome "Wayfarer sunglasses" you could link them to a product page for that style of sunglasses.
 In the example below, I have created a quiz about Harry Potter trivia. If the person taking my quiz scores 100% they will be greeted by this offer form:

 However, I didn't want all quiz takers to have access to claiming the prize, only those who truly knew their Harry Potter trivia. So for all of the muggles out there who didn't ace the test, I mapped an offer using the "Anyone without an outcome-specific offer" option. With this option, the offer will be assigned to all outcomes that do not have an outcome-specific offer. For this offer I used the Facebook like feature:

 To accommodate this feature the offer configuration page received a makeover with new dropdown menus so you can do the following:

  • Select offer type (Form, Facebook Like, Link, App Install)

  • Select the outcome to attach your offer to (you can select a specific outcome or all unassigned outcomes)

  • Manage advanced options (Gated results)

 There is no limit to the number of offers you can create, though each offer needs to be mapped to an outcome in order to be displayed. 

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