Do you have a Mailchimp audience that you're wanting to integrate with Qzzr? Here are the steps to get started. This feature requires Pro subscription or higher.

Step 1: Create a MailChimp Audience

I have created a new Mailchimp Audience 'Qzzr' (you can name this list whatever you'd like).

Step 2: Login to Mailchimp with Your Qzzr Account

  • Visit the 'Configure page' in the quiz editor, select the 'offers' section

  • Select the 'Offers' option, located in the upper right hand corner of the quiz, and you'll have the option to select Mailchimp (if this is your first time accessing Mailchimp through Qzzr you will need to login to your MailChimp account).

  • After logging into Mailchimp, select the Mailchimp audience that you're wanting to link your quiz to.

  • Optional: If you want quiz results to be sent to MailChimp enable the option 'Include result with lead.'

Step 3: Set Up Your Offer

 I have chosen to go with a very standard configuration, but you can ask for more information if you'd like.

Step 4: Set Up and Manage MERGE Tags

  • MERGE Tags are what MailChimp uses to map your quiz outcomes to your list. Go to Mailchimp and select 'List fields and *|MERGE|* tags.'

  • By default MailChimp has a few MERGE tags already set up, but you can add additional tags. I have chosen to add a tag for phone numbers. 

  • Use the following MERGE tags to map final results.

  • Once you have your tags set up, you'll need to map them to your quiz. Be sure to remember those tag names, as we'll need to put them in the offer on your quiz.
    (Note: You do not need to map QZR_SCORE or QZR_RESULT to your quiz.)

  • Go back to Qzzr and map the MERGE tags to your custom fields by selecting the circle menu to the right of each field

  • Once you have mapped everything, select the 'update' or 'publish' button at the top of Qzzr.

  • Take your offer for a test drive (by taking your published quiz, and filling out the offer form at the end), if everything was set up correctly you will see your test lead show up in the list (generally within a few minutes).

Do you need to send your leads somewhere else? Set up a webhook with Mailchimp, or use a 3rd party application like Zapier to connect Mailchimp to the CRM of your choosing.

 To learn more about this feature send us a message!

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