Did you know you can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, Vines, clips from SoundCloud, even Google Maps in your quizzes and lists? In fact, you can add almost any type of embed to these Qzzr content types.

First, check out this quiz we made with different embedded pieces of content from Vine, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and even the Qzzr poll tool.

To embed simply paste an HTTPS iFrame embed code into your content, then convert the code into a live preview using the "HTML icon: </>" (See example below).

You can add embed codes in the:


  • Question description

  • Question feedback

  • Outcome description


  • List description

  • Item Body

NOTE: For embedding "hero" media see the Qzzr learning center article titled " Add video and other media to a list."

NOTE: When converted using the HTML icon (</>) most iFrame videos will automatically be responsive. If your video is anything other than a 16:9 aspect ratio there will likely be black bars on the side. The benefit to a responsive embed is that your video or other media will scale to fit the web browser it's being viewed in (be it on a computer or a phone, it will display at the best size possible).

This feature is available on all Qzzr plans, to learn more about this feature send us a message.

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