Want to bold that text?

By highlighting text in a field labeled "description" (quiz, question, outcome, and lead form descriptions), "feedback," or list items "Body" text you can choose to bold, italicize, make into an H1 or H2 heading.

Unlike bold or italicize, H1 headings can only be applied to an entire paragraph.

The same applies to H2 headings.

Similar to formatting the text, simply highlight and select the hyperlink icon, then insert the URL that you would like to see linked.

</> (Embed and preview embeds in the editor)

Any fields that allow formatting (descriptions and feedback), will also allow you to embed and preview videos, music files, etc. Any content that is " embeddable".

Copy the embed code into the space provided and highlight the code. Select the " HTML icon" (</>), and a live preview of the content will display in the editor itself.

NOTE: Once converted the only way to edit is to delete and re-paste the entire embed code. Because of this, it is best to set the width/height parameters prior to converting the code into a live preview. Also, we recommend setting the width of any embedded content to 100% as that will provide those taking your quiz with the best visual experience.

This feature is available on all Qzzr plans, to learn more about this feature send us a message.

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