If you're on a Qzzr plan that includes access to the @font-face feature, you can implement Google Fonts for your quizzes. To add this feature to your subscription send us a message.
 If you're on a supported plan you can implement Google Fonts on any Hub that you have Admin access to. To get started, go to the "edit settings" page of your Hub and confirm you have access to the @font-face feature.

Step 1 - Locate the Google Font you want to use

Select the + button to add the font to your Google Fonts library (as seen in the lower arrow in the next screenshot). Then select the menu at the top right of the Google Fonts screen (as seen in the higher arrow in the next screenshot).

Step 2 - Grab the Font URL

After selecting the black pop-up menu (from step 1) you will need to 'copy' the URL between the quotation marks from the embed option.

Step 3 - Paste the Font URL into your address bar

Upon pasting into the address bar the page that loads will be the entire @font-face code. You need to copy this entire code.

Step 4 - Paste @font-face code into your Hub settings

After pasting the code into your Hub settings, press the enter key to save changes. If all is well, you'll receive a green "Changes Saved" alert.

Step 5 - Create a new quiz

If setting up your font was a success, the font-face will automatically be applied to all future quizzes created inside of the Hub you applied these changes too. The best way to confirm everything worked is to create a new quiz to see if your changes were applied. If all is well, you'll see your font listed on the right side of the configure page.

 These changes will apply to all future quizzes created inside of your Hub. All previously existing quizzes or quizzes moved between Hubs will not automatically receive the benefits of this font-face. But not to worry, you can contact our support team who would be happy to help you apply your font-face to any quizzes that didn't automatically receive these changes.

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