Any fields that allow formatting (descriptions and feedback), will also allow you to embed and preview images on your quiz. First off, you'll want to have the "embed code of the image", not the image itself. If you need help finding a site where you can generate an embed code for your image, we recommend uploading images to and then copying and pasting the image embed code from there. 

Here is an example of how to use an image embed code on any of your quizzes. Simply take this embed code below, and edit however you'd like:

<img src="add image url here" width="100%" alt=“optional photo title">

To put this into practical use, I've uploaded a cute puppy GIF to a free image hosting website. I then took the direct image URL and added it to my embed code and pasted that code into my quiz. Once pasted highlight all the text from the embed code and press the </> button. If everything was done correctly, the image will generate. See my example below:

<img src="" width="100%" alt=“photo">

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