Qzzr makes it easy to find royalty-free images

With the media search tool (found in the content editor), you can easily search a library of thousands of images that you have permission to use. Can't find the one you're looking for? We allow you to upload images as well, just be sure you have permission to use them.

Is Qzzr liable for my use of images?

Not at all. We cannot accept liability as it’s impossible for us to know if you have permission or not. We make it clear in our Terms of Service that we forbid the use of posting any images that do not have permission from the owner. We deal with copyright infringement according to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

Can I just attribute the image to the original creator or source?

Sure, but that still doesn’t make it legal. Giving credit through attribution does avoid plagiarism, but it still does not give you legal permission unless the license says so. If you do have a license to add attribution, you'll need to do so in the outcome description section of your quiz or using a tool such as Photoshop to add the attribution directly to the images.

If I find an image on Google Image search does that mean I can use it?

Maybe. Google Images is a powerful search tool and can display images from anywhere on the web. Just because an image can be found on the internet, does not mean it is free to copy and use. Luckily, Google has made it super easy to sort by usage rights (see below).

What if I'm not using my quiz or poll for a commercial purpose? It's just for fun...

It still doesn’t matter. You must have permission or license to use an image for any creative work. There are, for certain circumstances, guidelines for the fair use of images or copyrighted works without needing to gain permission from the creator. There are a couple of helpful articles on fair use on Wikipedia and the U.S. Copyright Office.

Check out the list below for finding a stock image that doesn't suck.

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