To access the data from any published quiz on your dashboard, you will need to select the 'STATS' option pictured below:

This will bring you to a page showing basic quiz metrics, such as how many times the quiz has been taken, quiz completion rate, and which outcomes or scores are the most popular.

As is pictured above, selecting the export button gives you the option to choose between quiz data and form data.

Quiz data: Data on how individual users answered each question in your quiz, as well as when each user took the quiz.

Form data: All of the information included in the Quiz data export, as well as any information captured from your custom lead form (new leads).

(Note: Form data is only available if a lead form is in place, on our Pro plan or higher)

After selecting either option, a link to a CSV file is emailed directly to the email associated with your Qzzr account. If you have failed to receive this email within one day, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. This file can be downloaded and opened in Excel, Numbers, or any other spreadsheet software.

Below is an example of how the export will look in Excel.

For Quiz data, each user will receive a unique quiz 'id' number as represented in column A, the date on which they took the quiz as represented in column B, and their personal responses to each question as represented in columns C-H. Each user will also show their individual score or outcome as represented in columns I and J.

For Form data, this information is presented the same way, only with additional columns on the right side with the information collected from the lead form. Represented above, columns M and N show first and last names of individuals who took the quiz. For help setting up your lead form, check out this article.

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