Tracking an individual user with a unique id from your database

If you have a CRM or customer / contact database you can send them a link to your quiz with a unique identifier on the URL. This can be a URL to your page with an embedded quiz, or it can be the quiz URL. 

URL parameter convention:

?bmbx_x_id={YOUR ID HERE}

NOTE: This will only work with our "Recommended" embed code that uses javascript.

To get a unique id on each link, you can use a merge tag generated by your CRM or mail client to send your contacts an email with a unique identifier on each quiz link.

The process would be:

  • Draft the email you wish to send.

  • Add link to the quiz in the body of the email (this could be a text or image hyperlink).

  • Customize the link by adding the tracking parameter (?bmbx_x_id={YOUR ID HERE}.

  • Replace {YOUR ID HERE} with the merge tag you wish to pass through to the quiz. 

  • If you use MailChimp, for instance, and wish to tie the responses to specific email addresses, the merge tag would be *|EMAIL|* The full URL would be*|EMAIL|*. Check with your CRM to see how the merge tag is formatted.

  • Send the email.

  • After people have taken the quiz, log in to Qzzr, and view the stats for the quiz. Click the Export button at the top right of your screen, and select "Quiz data" from the drop-down.

  • You will receive an email with a CSV. Each row will show individual responses to each question on your quiz. For the column labeled "id", you should see the identifier label next to each of their responses.

For example - a very simple version of the email could look like this.

Dear [First_Name],

We are grateful for your contributions to the [Donation_Category].  We just created this fun quiz for all of our generous donors.  Click the link below to take the quiz.[Unique_ID]



NOTE: Some email marketing software may strip identifiers off of URLs you wish to individualize. 

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